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Social and Learning Platform for Mums


The most important relationship is with yourself.

“Me-Time” to calibrate on what truly matters for you.

Connect inwards.

Loving yourself is NOT selfish.

It is essential so you give from a space of abundance.

Connect with another like-minded mums here if you prefer.

When we open up and allow others to encourage us,

is where the entire motherhood journey becomes more delightful.

Who am I?


… comes from a clear, empty space.

Not repeats from the past, defaults, prejudices or expectations.

Create literally means to newly invent, a possibility that never existed before.



Build castles in the sky!

What is something you’ll love to experience in your life?

More laughter?

More meaningful conversations? 

What do I want..?


When was the last time you acknowledged yourself for something you did well?

5 hours ago, 5 days or 5 weeks?

Why not stop now to smile and take stock of what you’ve accomplished in the last hour?

Isn’t it a joy to be alive? 

If you had 2 choices :

A) Receive $1 million dollars &

B) Wake up the next morning

Which would you choose ? A or B?

When we pause to count our blessings, there is so much to celebrate in life. 

What am I grateful for ..?