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Are you harnassing their Strengths.. Daily?

3 Secrets to Unlock Your

Child's Potential!

Do you know your child came with a manual so you can identify their innate strengths? No more Guessing!

What if you knew (with Clarity) their UNIQUE Personalities,  Mental Potentials & Natural Aptitudes?

Set aside 1.5hrs over zoom as we dive into strategies to :

✅ Do Less, yet Achieve More

✅ Motivate the Disinterested Student 

✅ Communicate Effectively (b’cos nagging & scolding honestly, is tiring!)

  • What Our Participants are Saying...

    Experience a Different Parenting Journey!

    "Getting to know your Child’s potential was what caught my eyes.

    I wanted to know the DNA of my kids, who they are and their strengths.

    There were many ‘Eureka moments’ and I’m so relieved to have found such amazing group support. My greatest gain is increased self awareness, and how I can nurture my kids moving forward.

    The practical strategies taught has surprised me with their effectiveness & while it's still a journey, I am in such a better space now.

    Try it, you'll only gain... so much more than you expect." 

    Pei Shan, Mum to 2 Girls

    "Understanding how my brain is wired up differently from theirs helped me appreciate them through new eyes.

    What used to frustrate me no longer does because I understand.

    I realise my doing too much was NOT helpful for them.

    Now I do LESS, yet achieve MORE! So Amazing.

    Counter intuitive strategies are what pleasantly surprised me because I have tried what I know to do.  

    All parents will benefit from this. Relationships are so much happier than we've ever been. Highly, highly recommended!" 

    Andrea, Single Mum

    "The sessions took the time-consuming guesswork out for me.

    I used to dread our weekly spelling revisions. We would take a long time with him eventually, angrily stomping off.

    When I applied a new method to motivate him - his way, it worked! He said he'll get 10 correct and he actually did! 

    Every parent should do this at least once. I enjoyed it for my own personal development and it helped improved my communication with my children.

    The mindset shifts are remarkable." 

    Sherlyn - Mum to 2 Boys

    Zoom 27th May Fri 9pm

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