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    Watch ZOOM session HERE!

    "Arresting Screen Time Addiction"

    Excessive Screen Time is a challenge for many Mums.

    From a babysitter, to a social device to necessary work and a recreational tool, how do we balance studies, work, social and emotional needs of a child?

    If you are frustrated at repeated nagging at your child, have soured relationships over gaming or feel overwhelmed by their excessive screen time, join us for 'Interesting Perspectives to Consider'. 

    Our Distinguished Experts, also Mothers will discuss :

    ✅ How do we navigate in today's Digital Age?

    ✅ How do we prevent and deal with Excessive Screen Time?

    ✅ Understanding the developmental stages of a child.

    Practical Strategies to keep Addiction at bay.

    Being a Mum is a life-long marathon. Ensure Your Strategies are Relevant with the times!

    Coffee With Experts!

    Advice from ONE Expert is always Valuable.

    Imagine a Panel of Experts!

    Our Dynamic Panel sessions are insightful, practical and thought-provoking!

    We know busy Mums don't have time & that is why we've scoured the best to bring you Authorities from Different fields to discuss various Parenting topics close to your heart. 

    Schedule in a night date with us Every 1st Friday of the month to grow in knowledge, as you glean from the collective wisdom that'll support you in your Motherhood journey.  

    Meet Our Distinguished Panelists

    Each an Expert in their respective fields with Amazing Insights to share.

    Patricia Zoey, Neuro Development Expert

    Patricia’s research focuses on the early brain during the child’s first 3 critical years of life. She is the designer of the P.I.E.S. SystemTM that has benefited many parents in nurturing their children to achieve Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social excellence. Her interests in neuroscience and the early learning psychology are the catalysts of her unique contributions to parents who are under her mentorship and guidance.

    Junia Tan, Parenting Coach

    Junia Tan is the founder of Mum Space, creator of Modern Asian Mother, author of ‘The Naked Parent’ & the delightful mother to 5 amazing children. An authentic, unconventional yet practical mother, she has gone beyond mainstream parenting to the core of how to stay relevant in the 21st Century. A thought-leader in the parenting space, she is widely recognised for her pioneering parenting models and how parents can effectively connect with kids.

    Bianca Tan, Early Childhood Professional

    Being an Early Childhood Professional for more than 8 years, Bianca has seen a growing need for all children to have Individualised Education Plans since each child develops at a different pace. Specialising in Dyslexia studies, Bianca works closely with children under 6 years. It has given her insights into the minds & experiences of children in our modern day society, allowing her to analyse children individual needs & address their developmental needs accordingly.

    Meet Your Host

    Michelle Sara-Joy 

    Michelle left her job as an Engineering, Marine and Art Underwriter to be a temporary stay home Mum.

    She loves to write and is currently writing a romance novel, a Primary School Science Textbook and a Parenting Book all at the same time!

    When did You last Make Time for YOU?

    Make it a Monthly priority to join us because we promise you'll be Refreshed by the Interesting Perspectives, Challenged by the Authenticity & Inspired by the Practical Tips.









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