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  • 3 Distinguished Experts Covering Different Angles

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    "Building Resilience in the Family"

    We live under such stressful conditions that Resilience is a life-skill we NEED to train our kids to have. β β πŸ’ͺ⁠

    βœ… How do we raise children with mental fortitude, eager to take on the challenges ahead of them? 

    βœ… How can we rewire our kids to have a positive relationship with failure?

    βœ… How do WE parents build Our mental resilience and model for them? 

    Let’s build a 'Resilient Mindset' that thrives in challenges. 

    Because today's breakthroughs, create milestones, upon which future success can be built upon. πŸ‘

    Mark your calendars every 1st Friday of the Month at 9pm for a different Parenting topic in 'Coffee with Experts'!       

    Ensure Your Parenting Strategies are Relevant with the times.

    Coffee With Experts!

    Advice from ONE Expert is always Valuable.

    Imagine a Panel of Experts!

    Our Dynamic Panel sessions are insightful, practical and thought-provoking!

    We know busy Mums don't have time & that is why we've scoured the best to bring you Authorities from Different fields to discuss various Parenting topics close to your heart. 

    Schedule in a night date with us Every 1st Friday of the month to grow in knowledge, as you glean from the collective wisdom that'll support you in your Motherhood journey.  

    Meet Our Distinguished Experts

    Each an Expert in their respective fields with Amazing Insights to share.

    Marie-Liesse Calmejane

    Senior Associate Consultant at Resilience Institute

    Marie-Liesse Calmejane is a TEDx Speaker. She believes it is possible to experience more joy in the corporate world, and that building resilience is in fact the foundation for a happier life, whatever the circumstances. 

    As an Integral Coach, she brings a holistic approach to help her clients over their challenges and make changes in their lives by integrating mind, heart and body. 

    Junia Tan, Parenting Coach

    Junia Tan is the founder of Mum Space, creator of Modern Asian Mother, author of β€˜The NAKED Parent’ and delightful mother to 5 amazing children. A thought-leader in the parenting space, she is widely recognised for her conscious parenting model in today's VUCA world. 

    Widely recognised for her innovative and practical parenting strategies, she has gone beyond mainstream parenting to the core of how to stay relevant in the 21st Century. 

    Camellia Wong, Psychologist 

    Camellia Wong is co-founder, Registered Psychologist behind InPsychful and member of Singapore Psychological Society. She holds a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology in the USA

    She works with people through difficult life transition and helps them transform their situation. She is passionate about mental toughness coaching, therapy sessions and emotional wellness workshops. 

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