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    "Mental Wellness Throughout Motherhood"

    Are you concerned about your kids, your work, or the future?

    The truth is that many mums are emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Maybe even burnt-out, Without Knowing.

    If there is ONE group that NEEDS to understand the topic of Mental Wellness, it would be Mothers

    Motherhood changed us all.

    It's brought out the best & the worst out in each of us. Some days, we feel like Champions, other days we feel like the worst Mum ever!

    If you constantly feel tired, experience a loss in appetite, feel overwhelmed or that you may have let your family down, join us for 'Interesting Perspectives to Consider'. 

    Our Distinguished Experts, also Mothers will discuss :

    ✅ Understanding the Psychology behind ’Mums’ Guilt

    ✅ What to look out for in the Different seasons of Motherhood

    ✅How to Build 'Mummy Resilience'

    ✅ What you can do if you’re in the midst of Burnout / Depression

    Being a Mum is NOT a sprint. It is a life-long marathon, because Motherhood is for life. Ensure Your Well-Being lasts for life.

    Coffee With Experts!

    Advice from ONE Expert is always Valuable.

    Imagine a Panel of Experts!

    Our Dynamic Panel sessions are insightful, practical and thought-provoking!

    We know busy Mums don't have time & that is why we've scoured the best to bring you Authorities from Different fields to discuss various Parenting topics close to your heart. 

    Schedule in a lunch date with us Every 1st Saturday of the month to grow in knowledge, as you glean from the collective wisdom that'll support you in your Motherhood journey.  

    Meet your Host - Junia Tan

    Founder of Mum Space & Modern Asian Mother

    Junia Tan is a motivational speaker, authored ‘The Naked Parent’ & is the delightful mother to 5 amazing children.

    An authentic, unconventional yet practical mother, she has gone beyond mainstream parenting to the core of how to stay relevant in the 21st Century.

    A thought-leader in the parenting space, she is widely recognised for her pioneering parenting model. Her strategies & techniques are so effective that results are not just transformational, but astounding.

    Powerfully connecting with every child is something every parent wants. Yet, HOW do we achieve that? She is Passionate about healing relationships globally, starting with the Parent-child bond

    Meet Our Distinguished Panelists

    Each an Expert in their respective fields with Amazing Insights to share.

    Andrea Chong, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

    An accomplished psychotherapist with The Psychology Practice. Her expertise include working with issues arising from childhood adversity/trauma, and difficulties with emotional awareness/regulation - all of which may be exhibited in disorders of mood, anxiety, personality, stress or trauma-related and other chronic or complex presentations.

    Jeanette Houmayune,            Counsellor

    An Associate Counsellor and Psychotherapist with PETRA Health & Wellness Group. She works with couples and families as well as adults, teens and young children facing acute stress and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Yuki Health Coach

    A passionate health & wellness advocate with Health International who walks her talk by successfully losing 30kg and reversed her chronic diseases and pain. She works with women who want a breakthrough in their health. A multi-awards “Artrepreneur”, highly accomplished trainer & choreographer with over 20 years of experience in developing exercise, dance and Train the Trainers programmes.

    When did You last Make Time for YOU?

    Make it a Monthly priority to join us because we promise you'll be Refreshed by the Interesting Perspectives, Challenged by the Authenticity & Inspired by the Practical Tips.









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