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Thank you for Sharing Change Summit and Change Marketplace with your friends

We value and appreciate all of our affiliates more than you can imagine. You’re the fuel to share Change Summit and Marketplace with other mums who will benefit to spark that fire of change. Attend our affiliate thank you ceremony. There are 40 amazing prizes in store for our affiliate to win. It's our way of saying thank you. 

8th Dec 9pm
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How Else to Win? 

Watch Change Summit Live

We have more than 50 Prizes to give away. Catch us Live on FB Live Stream on MumSpace.Asia FB Page on 10th - 12th Dec (Fri-Sun) 10am -1pm. Participate Fully and Comment to Win Prizes!

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Any Other Ways to Win?

Join Change Marketplace

We have more than 100 prizes up for grabs in our weekend marketplace when you register and come for the event. We have lined up flash deals and games for you to win prizes. There is also wonderful content and lots of learning on stage time by exhibitors.

Look out for Mum Space Special Flash Deals and Also from Other Exhibitors.

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Other Ways to Win

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We value and appreciate all of our affiliates and you for sharing our event more than you can imagine. Continue to join our events as we love to reward you for being the change maker!

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